Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Last Saturday (5th September) literally thousands of Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and their leaders were celebrating 100 years of the movement.
Celebrations in our region were been held at Segdefield Racecourse where a whopping 1650 children attended. Crafty Creatures was lucky to be asked to provide some of the entertainment for the day. We estimate we saw at least half of the children who attended the day. So it was a rather busy day!
Children of all ages made a variety of crafts. From a Brown Owl, Caterpillar on a leaf, Magnets of Brownie & Guide Sixer Animals and to a lovely, very tactile hedgehog. Please take a look below to see just a few of the crafts that were made on the day.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Bill Quay Farm in Gateshead went global over the summer and Crafty Creatures took children and their families on a journey to the Brazilian Rainforest. Toucans, jaguars, red eyed tree frogs and a paint-spattered rainforest picture and rainmakers were all made by over 100 children we saw over 3 days. Children took most of their art home, however some colourful collages and rainforest animals were left so a mural can be made for the farm to remind children of the fun and great art that was made.

From Australia to below the Sea...

Over the summer Crafty Creatures was lucky to work with children at the newly opened Sherburn Hill Sure Start Children's Centre.  Each week the crafts and theme were different. It's rewarding to see some children who were quite unsure about painting and handling the different materials and textures, initially, actually looking forward to participating in the crafts towards the end of the sessions.

Here's some images from the "Under the Sea" session where squid, crabs, jellyfish and lots of fishy pictures were made:

The last session of the summer took us to Australia, here's a selection of crafts made from the session. Enjoy!


Well Crafty Creatures has been over the summer with lots of children from Durham and Gateshead libraries. This year the Summer Reading Challenge with Libraries was Quest Seekers and a mountain of dragons, castles with wizards, witches, knights and princesses were made.

Just one of the children adding the finishing touches to their dragon hand puppet and below to their dancing dragon.